The Aquarius+ software continues the reliable and stable legacy of AquariusTM, and has further evolved to ensure all clinical practitioners are able to deliver precision CRRT to their patients.

Increased modality choice with a citrate based anticoagulant, coupled with automatic titration and patient management are key highlights of Aquarius+. Whilst maintaining the unique fluid balance auto-compensation, familiar interface and easy trouble-shooting as appreciated on the original AquariusTM.


  • Choose a pure convective therapy with post or pre-dilution
  • Choose citrate and / or heparin anticoagulation with one line set
  • Individualise your citrate prescription based on patient requirements
  • Automatically titrates citrate dose based on blood pump speed
  • Choose dedicated adult or low-volume RCA capability with no recalibration
  • Choose extended set-life capability – up to 100 hours

Individualised Prescribing.

Treatment CVVH – post-dilution

Citrate solution is infused into the blood circuit before the blood pump. To compensate for the amount of Calcium lost in the filtrate, Calcium solution is infused into the blood circuit just before the air detector system and after the drip chamber.

Treatment CVVH – pre-dilution

Citrate containing replacement solution is infused into the blood circuit after the blood pump and before the hemofilter. Calcium solution is infused into the blood circuit just before the air detector system and after the drip chamber.

Consumables for the AquariusTM system with RCA (GE-F095-00)

The AquariusTM system with RCA system provides complete prescription flexibility with one Aqualine RCA for all therapies, regardless of anticoagulant choice. Regular Aqualine can also be used with the AquariusTM system with RCA for treatments without citrate anticoagulation.

Aquamax ® filter HF12 HF19
Bloodline Aqualine RCA Aqualine RCA
Bloodline blood volume 100 ml 100 ml
Ancillaries 1 effluent bag 5 liter + 1 empty priming bag 2 liter + 1 two-way connector

Technical Data

Flow rates ADULT
Blood pump TPE
30 to 250 ml / min
30 to 300 ml / min
Post-dilution pump TPE
0 or 500 to 3,000 ml / h
0 or 500 to 6,000 ml / h
Citrate pump 0 to 650 ml / h
Calcium pump 0 or 2 to 300 ml / h
Fluid loss CVVH 0 to 2,000 ml / h
Citrate / Calcium maximum load 2.2 kg
Citrate and Calcium intended use in CVVH Post-dilution
Concentration of citrate between 110 mmol / l and 150 mmol / l
Concentration of calcium supplementation approx. 5 mmol / l to 20 mmol / l

CRRT (Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy), CVVH (Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration) and TPE (Therapeutic Plasma Exchange).

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