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Whether your patient requires CRRT for AKI, fluid overload, post-op care or sepsis, Aquamax’ advanced polyethersulphone membrane has been engineered to provide optimised clearance of both small and middle size molecules.  This includes effective removal of the inflammatory mediators and cytokines associated with refractory septic shock.

This is achieved by 3-layers which provide high hydraulic permeability and structural strength.  Complemented with a larger pore size enabling sustained effective removal of middle size molecules when utilising a convective based therapy.  Each fibre is also separated by a spacer yarn, facilitating equal distribution of dialysate, which contributes towards optimum clearance if using a diffusive based therapy.

This membrane is available in 4 distinct filter sizes, ensuring all patient groups can be treated irrespective of blood flow.



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Consult your local representative for availability in your region

A drug-registered version of Accusol is available in certain countries. For further information please contact your local Nikkiso representative or email