As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of hemodialysis systems, our mission is to constantly improve the user friendliness, safety and efficiency of this complex technology. Our innovative and reliable technologies are designed to improve the clinical outcomes and safety of your patients.

With over 100,000 Dialysis systems installed around the world, we are expert in providing a system that meets your individual clinic and patient needs: HD, HDF, Single-Needle and AFB treatments with blood volume regulation.

A state-of-the-art computerised hemodialysis machine, data communication system, powder dialysate, powder dialysate dissolving device, and a multi-patient dialysate supply system were all developed to allow medical professionals to reduce workload and spend more time on patient care.

Furthermore, we work to develop and securely supply disposable products (and supplies) such as our unique dialyser that uses Nikkiso original PEPA membranes and blood tubing lines standardised for easier use.

Alongside this we can provide a comprehensive range of dialysers, endotoxin filters and associated consumables.


High- and Super High Flux Dialyser for enhanced hemodialysis treatments.