Key Benefits

Highest quality- and safety standard for the patients to deliver HD- Online HD and all common advanced therapies was our target when developing the Dialysis Monitor DBB-EXA.

Due to the innovative, Dialysis-Fully Automated System [D-FAS] there is no need to spend excess time operating the machine, with the nurse able to spent more time caring for the patient.

Just one touch on the screen from Connection until Disconnection and Washback process is necessary.

With the D-FAS system DBB-EXA can simplify and reduce the user operations significantly.

  • Dialysis-Fully Automated System [D-FAS] to minimise the operational tasks
  • Online HDF/HF in pre- and post-dilution mode
  • Optimised online HDF/HF with TMP SUB control and Filtration Fraction Function
  • Double filter (cascade) for ultra-pure dialysis fluid and substitution fluid
  • ISO-UF (sequential)
  • Single-Needle-Mode by double or single pump
  • UF Conductivity and Bicarbonate profiles (customisable)
  • Display of Conductivity calculation or mmol target
  • Dialyser Inlet Pressure monitoring (blood side)
  • Automated Level adjustment for the extracorporeal chambers
  • Holder for standard bicarbonate cartridges
  • Serial data interface/ connection for nurse call
  • Clearly visible status display
  • Eco-management to minimise the concentrate/water/energy-consumption
  • Battery backup of extracorporeal circuit in case of power failure
  • Network integration for connection to the most common dialysis/Hospital Information-Systems
  • Fluid leakage detection
  • Automated Dialysate Flow adaption according to the Blood flow rate.
  • Connection-port with safety logic for external devices (e.g. Venous Needle Dislodgement system)
  • Bi-directional patient card (contactless/RFID) to download the prescription
    and saving and transfer the last three treatment results to standard PC’s.

Further features/ functions can be added (optional), based on your individual needs:

  • Haemo-Master (BV-UFC/COC)
    Blood Volume Measurement with active UF- and Conductivity regulation
  • Active Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM)
    continuous measurement/ display of the blood pressure course, auto-reduction of the UF rate, based on the individual setting of the limits
  • Dialysis Dose Monitor [DDM]; (Kt/V /eKt/V)
    continues Dialysate Online Measurement and display Kt/V as Graphic and digital value
  • Central concentrate delivery system [CCS] for two concentrate connections with automated, individual Pre-Sets for the patient


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