Key Benefits

The flexible solution

The DBB-07 expands your range of highly efficient methods of treatment without significant increase in cost.

The user interface, which is identical to the ones of DBB-05 and DBB-06, ensures a quick and easy learning of the system, less need for training, and a seamless integration into an existing NIKKISO machine pool.

The variants specification allows you to upgrade the system; adapting to the different needs of your patients. The use of conventional disposables frees you in your selection from the wide range of different providers.

The standard features are in the basic version:

  • Online HDF/HF in pre- and postdilution mode
  • Double filter (cascade) for dialysis fluid and substitution fluid
  • ISO-UF (sequential)
  • Single-Needle double- or single pump
  • UF- , Total and bicarbonate conductivity profiles
  • Dialyser inlet blood pressure monitoring (clotting prevention)
  • Electric level adjustment in the extracorporeal chambers
  • Holder for standard bicarbonate cartridges
  • Serial data interface/ connection for nurse call
  • Clearly visible status display
  • Eco-friendly concentrate-, water- and energy-saving mode
  • Battery backup of extracorporeal circuit

With this system’s options, you choose what you need:

  • External scale – HDF/HF/AFBF (Acetate Free Bio Filtration) with substitution fluid bags
  • Haemo-Master (BV-UFC/COC) with download tool – Blood volume measurement with active regulation of the UF rate and conductivity in the dialysis fluid
  • Blood pressure monitor (BPM) – continuous measurement with display of the blood pressure course on the monitor, automatic deactivation of the UF rate when the selected limits are reached
  • Dialysis Dose Monitor (Kt/V)
  • Central concentrate system for two concentrate connections (CCS)
  • Dialysis fluid leakage sensor
  • Network – integration of the dialysis system into the clinic network


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Consult your local representative for availability in your region

A drug-registered version of Accusol is available in certain countries.  For further information please contact your local Nikkiso representative or email