Key Benefits

The steadily increasing number of patients, who require dialysis treatment, and the increasing cost pressures in health care demand cost-optimising facilities on the part of the provider.

With the DBB-06 Dialysis System we are making it possible for our partners to be able to offer need-based and cost-cutting dialysis treatments.

Approximately sixty to seventy percent of all dialysis treatments performed are standard hemodialysis (low or high flux).  The DBB-06 Dialysis System covers exactly this area and it is therefore the perfect addition to instrumentation that is tailored to market needs.

The standard equipment is very extensive in its basic version:

  • Single-needle with single pump (Klick-Klack)
  • Filter setting for ultra-pure dialysis fluid
  • UF- , conductivity and Bicarbonate profile control
  • ISO-UF programme (sequential UF)
  • Dialyser inlet blood pressure monitoring
  • Online Kt/V calculation
  • Holder for standard Bicarbonate cartridges
  • Central concentrate supply for two terminals
  • Connection for nurse call
  • External status display

Alternatively, the system can be expanded with the following options:

  • Haemo-Master – blood volume control with active regulation of the UF rate and the sodium concentration in the dialysis fluid
  • Active Blood Pressure Measurement – continuous measurement showing the progress curve on the monitor and automatic deactivation of the UF rate in the borderline area
  • Network card – Integration of  the dialysis system into the practice or hospital network


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Consult your local representative for availability in your region

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