Key Benefits

NIKKISO´s long standing experience in the development and production of dialysis membranes is reflected in the quality of our FD-Series dialysers.

The PEPA® – membrane with its chemical and geometric structure was developed by NIKKISO and can be produced with two different properties. The specific proportion of PVP polymer increases the hydrophilic properties of the membrane. The optimised inner diameter of the hollow fibers ensures a low bloodside pressure drop, and the membrane thickness of 30 um provides good diffusion properties. In this way, the most important requirements of a modern dialyser are met.

The specially developed asymmetric 3-layer structure of the PEPA® – membrane provides excellent protection against endotoxins and their fragments. A thin skin layer on the dialysate side is an initial line of defence that blocks endotoxins and endotoxin fragments. The asymmetric porous structure guarantees a high level of mechanical strength and can adsorb endotoxin fragments thanks to its adsorptive properties. The thin skin layer on the blood side completes the triple safety system.

Using a fluorescent labelled endotoxin marker in laboratory tests, it has been shown that endotoxins are safely retained on the dialysate side.

* M. Hayama, et al., Optimum dialysis membrane for endotoxin blocking., J. Membr. Sci., 219 (2003), 15-25

High-Flux FDX Series

The wet type FDX-Series dialysers are perfectly suited for standard hemodialysis. Due to the hollow fiber lumen of 210 um and the resulting low blood-side pressure drop and low loss of albumin, they are also designed for hemodiafiltration. The precisely measured amount of PVP (Polyvinylpyrrolidone) supports the excellent blood compatibility and filtration properties**.

** Blood compatibility and filtration characteristics of a newly developed polyester polymer alloy membrane, Yamashita et al, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Kanagawa, Japan, Hemodialysis International, Jan. 2004


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